Personal use cases for ChatGPT and/or other LLMs

Post date: 2024-06-15 05:44:29
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I've seen a lot of use-case articles citing how ChatGPT can be maximised for work like marketing, writing, etc. But I want to know how you've used it in your personal life?

The examples I'm looking for are something like these:

1 - I asked ChatGPT to help me plan a 7-day itinerary around Singapore by giving it a list of places I want to go and their location, citing conditions (I have elderly parents with me, I don't want to be rushed, etc) - and it grouped locations together so I can concentrate on one area per day for example. It also cited activities that are logical and realistic to do within a day with the itinerary including time to eat and rest and where.

2 - I asked for help in a skincare regimen by giving it a list of skincare products I'm interested in and want to buy. It analysed the ingredients and identified which product would clash with which, and listed step-by-step instructions for morning vs evening routine.

I'm interested in surprising, unique, wow-I-didn't-think-it-could-do that type of use case.
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