Second question of the week: tasty crunchy dirt, and bitterness

Post date: 2024-06-15 11:46:51
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I love yummy crunchy dirt flavors, like cacao nibs and carob. Help me find more?

I suspect the cacao nibs / cacao beans are triggering my headaches. (Fermented and non fermented both... I've been eating A Lot)

What other tasty dirt like flavors can I consume?
I like
- unsweetened carob chips
- cacao nibs
-99% Lindt chocolate bars

I also love bitter stuff like
- Pataks Indian pickles
- crunchy green olives

And general crunch like
- kiwi seeds
- dried fig seeds
- soaked chia seeds (but I do not like boba tea tapioca)

What other snacks would I like
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