How to run a portable A/C all day?

Post date: 2024-06-15 12:15:42
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I have a portable A/C in my room. I'd like to keep it on all day because it takes a while to cool the room, but I'm limited by the fact that it drains into a bucket and produces lots of water when it's super hot out.

For now, I don't feel super comfortable having it running when I'm not home, because I never know exactly how much water it will produce and I don't want the bucket to overflow. I'm limited in the size bucket I can use by two things: the hose has to run downwards to drain, so the sides can't be too tall, and I have to carry it downstairs to empty it and am weak like a shrimp.

Is there a way to maybe: turn it on and off remotely? Raise it and drain it out the window? ??? some other thing?

If there's a window A/C that would fit in my casement window, I'm open to that as well, but when the window is fully open there's only about 12 inches of space, and when it's not fully open, it would block the A/C unit from protruding outwards as it needs to.
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