I miss Aritzia TNAChill leggings - looking for a similar style in Canada

Post date: 2024-04-18 06:13:59
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I loved Aritzia TNAChill leggings. I am not a fan of their new cotton legging, the Hold It - they added more spandex, which makes it tighter and less breathable. The Chill were perfect for, well, chilling. Other specifications below:

They must be a natural fiber (the Chill was 95% cotton). Actually, I'm not against synthetics on principle - if there's some super breathable synthetic fiber I'm not aware of, I'm willing to try it, but polyester makes me feel like I'm suffocating.

Not too much spandex - I know this is often a minus for people because the Chill did sag easily, was see through, and wore out quickly, but they were sooo comfortable.

Wide, flat waistband - not the thin elastic that digs in.

I'm looking for low rise, would be happy with mid rise, and would grudgingly accept high rise if all other conditions are met.

I would prefer they ship to Canada, but I am visiting US relatives soon so if you do have something that's otherwise perfect, let me know.
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