Reimbursement for canceled and delayed flights on Frontier and United

Post date: 2024-04-18 13:44:36
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My wife and I recently flew on Frontier from Denver to Orlando. We were supposed to be back in Denver for one day, after which I would fly to San Antonio on United for a high school reunion and to see the eclipse. tl;dr: Because of problems on both Frontier flights, we have more than $1000 in out-of-pocket expenses. Frontier is offering only a $100 voucher for future flights. How can we get reimbursed?

Details for people interested in train wrecks:

- Frontier flight to Orlando: Boarded flight, plane returned to gate, delayed 4 hours, got to VRBO at 2 am

- Frontier flight from Orlando: Delayed 4 hours, supposedly because a tire needed to be changed, then canceled at midnight because of weather, though Frontier staff had insisted all evening the plane would fly. No one from Frontier was at the gate when the flight was canceled, nor was anyone at the ticket counter. The link that Frontier texted to rebook the flight didn't work until the next day. Eventually got refund from Frontier, but paid more than $1000 in out-of-pocket expenses for hotel and new flights on Southwest. (At this point, I had to go straight to Texas.)

- United flight to Denver: Boarded flight, returned to gate, delayed 8 hours because of problems with hydraulics on plane. United is offering a $50 voucher or 2500 frequent-flyer miles. (Also, United didn't refund the flight from Denver to San Antonio that I couldn't make because of the problems with Frontier.)
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