What does this study of cannabis and cardiovascular disease mean?

Post date: 2024-04-14 12:52:34
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A study published in late February by the Journal of the American Heart Association noted as its conclusion, "Cannabis use is associated with adverse cardiovascular outcomes, with heavier use (more days per month) associated with higher odds of adverse outcomes."

As far as I can tell, IANAD, frequency/day of cannabis use doesn't seem to have been taken into account. Intuitively, it would seem that taking a single bong hit vs. smoking multiple joints in a day would be substantially different, but it seems that the study only asked participants how often they used cannabis as in never/sometimes/daily. It also didn't appear to distinguish between methods of consumption, e.g., vape vs. smoke vs. edible.

The results are concerning, certainly, for cannabis users, especially among older users who are the biggest growth group in terms of cannabis use, I believe, and I wondered if any MeFites with greater knowledge of the topic could note the real-world significance and/or flaws in this study. Thanks.
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