Looking for two Brexit video clips

Post date: 2024-04-11 07:36:47
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I am searching for two video clips that have been rattling around in my brain from the early, pre-referendum Brexit times. Details within:

Clip #1: A pro-Brexit commentator describes one of the advantages of Brexit as being able to negotiate directly with, say, Germany and play them off against, say, France. A different commentator points out that, no that's not possible because the EU negotiates as a single trading bloc.

Clip #2: One commentator (not sure if pro- or anti-Brexit) expresses surprise that the UK is a small fraction of EU trade. Upon further discussion, the source of this commentator's surprise is revealed to be that they (correctly) understand that the EU comprises the majority of UK's trade but had somehow not understood that the total amount of trade the EU does is significantly larger than the UK's.
To my memory, both of these clips came from some kind of news/current affairs program where you have a panel of commentators seated around one of those big news presenter desks.

Of course, links to the actual videos would be ideal but I would also be interested to know if anyone else remembers these snippets, particularly who the commentators were in each.
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