Eurovisioning in NL/BE

Post date: 2024-03-29 04:54:11
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I'm traveling with my wife and a friend in early May, so instead of sitting on our Kentucky couch watching the Eurovision Song Contest, we'll be on the road in continental Europe, which seems like it could probably be a more fun way to experience it, if we know where to go!

So we're pretty into the delightful cheeseball experience that is Eurovision, and left to our own devices we'd usually be at home inviting friends over to watch and cheer and laugh and (if really called for) boo the performances. But this year a fun European vacation has just happened to overlap Eurovision, which seems like it could be really fun: I imagine, by analogy to sports, that there will be people going out to watch in a crowd in pubs and whatnot, and I'm hoping there are obvious good places to do this in our visited cities. I might well be overthinknig this and the answer might well be "go to literally any bar which has a TV and just have fun", but I'd rather ask if there are particular places which it'd be better/worse to go to take it in.

For the evening of May 7th (the first semifinal) we'll be in Amsterdam, a little ways west of the center, near the Rembrandtpark. By the 9th (the second semifinal) we'll be in Ghent near the Gravensteen. And on the 11th (the finals) we'll be in Ieper/Ypres. So we're going to end up needing three different Eurovision hangouts!
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