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Post date: 2024-03-29 09:00:35
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My husband is a clencher and it's a problem.

He has run out of people to complain about this to, as he has told every GP, dentist, endodontist, and rheumatologist he's seen, all of whom are like, "nothing is obviously wrong, get a night guard."

So he's gone to drug stores and gotten whatever night guard is there, and for two nights he's like yeah, that definitely helped but by like the fourth night he's like I don't think it's working anymore.

And then we're back to him trying anything he can think of to relieve the tension and pain in his jaw - CBD ointment, unguents and liniments, heat, cold, massage gun, sometimes he just puts his own thumb between his teeth to force his jaw open for a while. He already takes a mag-cal-zinc supplement to relax more when he sleeps, sleep meds don't help any, and he doesn't want to take the amount of nsaids it would require to get any relief (and it's not full relief).

When I google "night guard", there is CLEARLY an entire world of night guards out there, so this sort of feels like a bunch of doctors going "your feet hurt? get some shoes!" Like, why is nobody falling over themselves to sell him some kind of overpriced appliance? Because it appears there's a market.

So, clenchers of AskMe: do you have any strong advisories about particular night guards? Or any other clench-adjacent treatments, maybe some different positioner for his head/neck when he sleeps? Is there a secret specialist nobody wants to refer him to? He's so sad when it hurts, and it's been especially bad lately and he's miserable.
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