daily planner for only 2 days a week

Post date: 2024-03-29 13:21:38
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I need a paper schedule with the following characteristics: 1) preferably undated (I only need it 2 days a week) 2) appointment slots in half-hour increments 3) 1 day per page (less essential) For some reason it seems really hard to find this.

The back story to this is that the schedulers at the hospital where I work are both hugely overworked and deeply inefficient, and I keep scheduling follow ups with patients that don't actually get turned into appointments. So I need to start keeping my own back up paper schedule.

I only see these particular types of patients 2 days per week and they are mostly telehealth, 30 minute appointments, 8-5. I'd prefer an undated planner but am desperate and willing to work with one where I only use 2 days a week. I am so angry about having to do this that I am minimally interested in writing in any additional info other than the date

Hospital policy does not allow me to use something like Outlook for patient scheduling due to patient privacy issues. The paper planner I can keep in a locked drawer in a locked office.

Cute designs, etc don't matter so much as just being able to keep track of the dates and times.
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