What's the process of whole blood donation like?

Post date: 2023-10-28 05:01:47
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How can you occupy yourself during a long whole-blood donation process?

I am thinking about joining the Red Cross's specialized donor program to donate whole blood. I'm told it's a 3-5 hour procedure using both arms and I'm mostly wondering what you DO for that long. How mobile are your arms? Can you, e.g., bring a laptop and gingerly try to do some work, or listen to audiobooks and actually access your phone to do so or stick a headphone back in if it falls out? Like, on a scale from 'arms are handcuffed to the chair' to 'walking around dragging an IV bag on a stand behind you,' what are we looking at? (Yes, I know you're not actually up and walking.)

More importantly, how do you avoid having to pee for half a day
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