What are the "destination forms" that United Airlines wants for Canada?

Post date: 2023-10-28 08:01:36
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I'm traveling from CA to BC in a couple of weeks on United Airlines. United's online system wants me to upload a scan of my passport. If possible, I'd like to avoid that because I'm sure their system will suffer a data breach at some point. But when I try to get past the prompts to upload my passport, it tells me "You can't get fully Travel Ready before you scan your passport". So ... do I have a choice?

Here is a screenshot of the first dialog, and then the second dialog I get if I click on "continue without scanning". I have't tried going further. I'm tempted to go old-school and just show up at the airport and show my passport to a human or a kiosk, except that one of the grayed-out items in the left-hand column of these screenshots is titled "complete destination entry forms", and I can't figure out what that might be and whether it needs to be completed before showing up at the airport.

I'm not trying to do something nefarious. I don't so much mind that TSA gets my passport data and more (that boat has sailed, I'm sure), but I do mind the idea of a data breach at United resulting in this data getting in the hands of criminals. My wife and I already spent enough time dealing another data breach at my wife's place of work recently and I don't have time for more.
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