Car Accident Info - Finding a Police Report?

Post date: 2023-09-26 11:08:59
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I am trying to find out more information about a serious car accident that I narrowly escaped being a part of but am having trouble getting a confirmation that the accident even occurred. Can you help? More info inside.

On Saturday around 2:20pm I was on the I-710 in California between what I think was the 105 and Imperial Highway, going north. I heard a strange sound and decided to accelerate, then saw in my windshield and rear view mirror that a black compact car either plummeted from the Imperial overpass or came shooting over an on-ramp. It missed t-boning my windshield and me by maybe 5 seconds, spun into the right meridian, shattering the front bumper and what I think was passenger side of the vehicle. It then accelerated backwards. By that time I had to put my eyes back on the freeway and continue going north due to the speed of traffic so I don't know what happened afterwards. Something about the experience makes me think it was a suicide attempt on the part of the driver which I know is insane conjecture on my part but whatever, this is what near death experiences do to you.

I cannot find any info about this accident. I tried the CHP's accident history feature but can't find an entry. I've tried street view on Google maps to see if I can figure out exactly where I was between the 105 and Imperial Highway but don't recognize anything which is freaking me out. The only thing I know for SURE is that I stopped at the Target on Firestone Blvd afterwards because I was panicking and that it took me a while to get there because the flow of traffic slowed and I couldn't get over.

Something that's probably screwing with my search results is that back in June there was a horrible crash with 5 fatalities on the same freeway in almost the same area.

Are there reliable online resources that could help me get more concrete info? I'm seriously considering driving down (I live in Pasadena) to the area to just reorient myself with the exact stretch of highway but I'd rather not. I almost died here, though. I gotta get some semblance of closure.

Thank you.
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