Why hot water OK in the shower or dishwasher, but not to drink?

Post date: 2023-09-26 20:30:35
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My partner recently discovered this piece of advice from the EPA, recommending against hot water for cooking, drinking or making baby formula, due to elevated levels of lead. So why is it OK to rub all over ourselves, our clothes and our dishes?

Apparently hot water can cause more leaching of lead from old, corroded pipes than cold water. Makes sense.

According to random other Googling, soap and water is not enough to wash away lead residue. So, what? Is hot water / lead-y not dangerous in general? Also, does it have to get to a certain temperature to be dangerous? The EPA also recommends washing dishes in warm water, so I dunno.

Is this just CYA behavior by our wonderful government that will not in any way address the root cause? Or is there something that makes it less dangerous in these scenarios
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