Please help me find ways to stop thinking and talking about politics

Post date: 2023-09-26 21:34:40
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I am from the USA and vote Democratic. I would describe myself as center-left. I do a lot of international travel and spend very little time in the US. I am interested in world history and current events. Sadly, this is inhibiting my personal growth and interfering with my social life.

I would like to become friends with people who don't share my political views. I would also like to become friends with people who do share my political views, but have slightly different values. I've found that even when I agree with someone, they'll sometimes get angry if I don't agree with them "in the right way" or for the same reasons. I'm tired of talking about politics, and I feel like we could be having much more interesting conversations. I'd like to make new friends, and I don't care if my friends agree with me politically.

Also, when I'm alone, I would also like to spend less time thinking about politics and current events. I find that, in my "alone time," I'm obsessing over the same narrow set of subjects instead of thinking creatively or paying attention to the world around me.

Here are some specific situations I would like help with :

1. I'm socializing and having drinks, and politics or current events comes up. I want to : resist the urge to offer my own opinion; validate other peoples' feelings and let them know they're being heard; and if possible, change the subject or leave the conversation

2. Somebody wants to talk to me about the US or US Politics. I want to : establish that I'm on the left; indicate that I'm unhappy with the state of US politics; acknowledge that the US has done a lot of bad things in the world; and if possible, change the subject or leave the conversation

3. I read a news story or hear a podcast that discusses current events or social change. I want to : avoid feeling angry or afraid; resist the urge to come up with a theory or opinion; and resist the urge to relate it to my own life in some way

4. "Out of nowhere" I just automatically start thinking about politics or current events. I want to resist the urge to ruminate on the topic. I either want to think about something else, or pay more attention to the world around me

I should mention that I'm still interested in staying informed. I just want to improve the quality of my social life and my inner dialogue.

What strategies would you suggest for dealing with these kind of situations
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