My duvet always slips down inside the cover. Help!

Post date: 2023-09-27 04:54:36
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Despite adding ties to each of the corners, my duvet always slips down inside its cover while I go to pull it up at night, and it's driving me crazy. How do I remedy this?

I'm looking to have the experience of pulling the thicket duvet (just like a thick blanket) up over my shoulders. Right now, when I pull it, I get a thin sheet over my shoulders and the thicker portion of the actual duvet about a few inches down.

Is my duvet cover too big?
Is my duvet too small, or not thick enough?
Is there such a thing as zipping a duvet in, or attaching it along the length of the top of the cover with additional ties?
Am I just not a duvet person and need some sort of thicker blanket? (my husband prefers the duvet, and I like how sanitary it is, so would love to keep it)

Would love your advice on how to remedy this, as I don't know much about duvets, clearly, and am struggling to find out the answer without purchasing hundreds of dollars of different types.

Thanks in advance!
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