Linseed oil paint an OK choice for textured drywall ceilings?

Post date: 2023-09-27 05:13:54
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The ceilings in my home are freshly skim coated and retextured. Now I need to paint them. I want to minimize off gassing and weird smells (several good options these days) while also not using a paint with plastic in it (not so easy these days).

I found a fancy all natural linseed oil based paint for interior use:

This would be going right on the drywall mud, which was just normal, non-eco, non weird compound. My understanding is that drywall compound is quite porous, and normal paints would require at least one coat of primer. Here is that same company's shellac-based primer:

It looks like their interior paint already includes some shellac in it, which may complicate the answer.

The ceilings are in rooms that may not get a lot of UV light on the ceilings. One room in particular has a single small window. I've read that linseed oil based paints can yellow if not exposed to UV light.

1. Primer needed?
2. Any persistent weird smells from using a linseed oil paint / this particular paint?
3. If I use it, should I take any active steps to expose the ceilings to UV light for a period of time?
4. Is this brand significantly better or more "natural" (in terms of long-term air quality and lack of plastic) than other linseed oil paint brands? Brouns & Co is the other brand that seems to come up early when searching.
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