Mobility hacks

Post date: 2023-09-27 06:16:51
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For reasons, I can't put weight on my right foot for an unknown period of time. I live alone. I can ask a few friends for help but I don't really have someone who can drop by daily. I'm trying to project-manage this.

Friends have offered to help - and that's great - but this impacts so many things and I have trouble guessing which of all my usually daily tasks will present unexpected hurdles. I want to ask for help in an organized, efficient way.

Surely there are professionals out there (home health aids maybe?) who are experts in setting up a home to make it more accessible for someone who suddenly experiences mobility issues, and have posted about this on the internet.

I have crutches, and my desk chair has wheels, and I can crawl a bit. Every option I have for movement hurts or strains another body part. I'm hungry right now but dreading getting out of bed and going to the kitchen.

I know lots of people deal with much, much worse. But this is still throwing me for a loop.
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