Japan tour

Post date: 2023-06-09 18:22:36
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Solo female traveller wants to fulfill lifelong goal of a Japan trip. I've accepted that all of the things I want to do will likely require multiple trips. For my first trip I'd be willing to go as part of a group. I'm an introvert and would appreciate a good balance of organized tours and activities and free time.

I'd prefer to stay in my own room which will likely require a bogus single supplement fee. I will begrudgingly accept that, but bonus points if singletons aren't penalized. Of note:

- preferred travel time is autumn/winter
- onsen appreciated
- no need to go during Sakura season
- nightlife/robot cafe/clubs doesn't interest me
- smaller cities are more my thing, no need for a ton of time in Tokyo
- textiles, pottery, kitchenware a major plus
- Kyoto included

I am grateful for your recommendations!
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