Can you do a podcast video interview with one camera only?

Post date: 2023-06-04 13:07:45
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Hi. I am thinking of starting a podcast video interview for literary writers and academics, and I have been wanting to pursue this kind of project for a few years now.

I wondering is it possible to only interview me and another guest with one camera alone? Like two chairs facing each other in a room, or would that be boring? Would I need like a camera crew to have close-ups or one angle focusing on me talking and then switching it to the guest talking?

Also, for computer zoom/Microsoft teams interviews, would it be possible for me to do a webcam interview on zoom split screen but also set up my video camera at the same time (facing me only) and than using the camera video recording and put it side by side with the guest's video split screen? Or would that not work with the editing?
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