It's not spam, I promise

Post date: 2023-05-10 03:14:07
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Every time someone buys something through my website, I get an email confirmation. It goes into my spam folder. I don't want that to happen. Help.

The sender is my store email address] via (my website host). I use POP3 to check that address through my gmail account. The following steps occur: (a) This email goes into my spam folder. (b) I open it. (c) I report it as not spam. (d) It then goes into my inbox with both "inbox" and "store" labels (store being a label I created for emails that come to/from that address. (e) I deselect the inbox label. (f) It's in the folder where I want it. I would like to eliminate steps a through e. How do I convince Gmail that these emails are not spam?
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