Specific spot to experience the levels of Chicago?

Post date: 2023-05-10 04:09:25
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What's a good and safe location for someone who's new to Chicago to take a flight or two of stairs down to experience the various levels of the city?

When I was in Chicago last year, I learned a bit of the city and how it's stacked, with a lot of service roads underneath the "main" city streets. I walked down a flight of stairs at one point and was able to experience traveling from one environment to another. But I can't remember the location.

What I remember most is walking down the steps on a bright sunny day and experiencing an almost complete environment change. Sort of like visiting a fictional underworld, dank darkness under the sunlight of the day.

Now a family member is visiting the city and wants to see the same thing, but I can't remember the location. Can you name a spot that's near the Loop and safe for a quick look/walk down below for a young woman traveling alone? We're not looking for underground subway stops, but the actual service streets/areas that a person can take a quick look at.
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