What less obvious things worth buying in Japan? [Hyperspecific Nerd Ed.]

Post date: 2023-05-10 09:18:45
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ATTENTION NICHE NERDS: WE NEED YOUR HELP. We're headed to Japan soon. There are lots of articles about things to buy in Japan: unusual Kit Kats, traditional handmade items, Matcha products, skin care, knives, etc. We don't need broad info like that. We've also read/watched all about the various shopping districts. We know that stuff. What we would like to know is: pursuant to your own weird, niche interests, what is an item a person can buy in Japan that you would be hard-pressed to buy anywhere else?

I put the things we didn't want above the fold, in the interest of fending off people constitutionally unable to read the More Inside. BLESS YOUR HEARTS.

I'd be glad to hear from people with any niche interests, even if they're not mine. I could be swayed, after all. And I know nerds of every stripe, so your suggestion might give me an awesome gift idea.

Tell us about rare editions of movies only sold in Japan (not limited by region code), awesome Nintendo Switch games that are Japan-only (as I understand the Switch is not region-locked), card games we might not have in the US, hobby stuff you can get in Tokyo/Osaka that isn't sold in the US, etc.

Again: we do not need any general recommendations of categories of things or stores/areas. We want weird, specific items. I don't even mind if you have no idea where to get it. Our kid will be trying to find a vintage Omnichord. That's a good example of the kind of thing we're after.

Honestly, just say to yourself: I am a nerd. I like subject]. Were I in Japan, I would totally make sure I picked up item].

That would be the very best kind of answer.
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