Frequently Asked Questions on Services of an Electrician

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Posted by Nickmmw from the Agriculture category at 21 Dec 2020 01:19:18 am.
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1. Can the small electric tasks at home be managed on our own?
In Australian mainland, it is illegal for anyone to carry out any domestic electrical jobs such as wiring or installations of appliances without a license. Its not just risky but even if the work is upto the marking standards, it will not pass certification unless a qualified electrician undertakes it. This is even more important if you ever plan to sell the property. Further, the risk is always there or your near and dear ones since it's not assured and tested by a professional.
2. Why does an electrician need to be licensed?
Only a licensed electrician can grant a Certificate of Compliance. It is essentially a legal document for the government which is signed by your qualified electrician on completion of the job. It basically states that the electric work was completed in compliance with the set standards of Electricity Act 1996 and hence meets all the necessary safety protocols. The Certificate can only be issued by a licensed electrician and remains with the customer for record keeping.
3. What is the avg. cost of having an electrician do repairs/installations?
Costs lie anywhere between $50 to $100 per hour, completely depending on the electrician's experience and qualifications and the complexity of the task at hand. This fees only includes the service charges of the electrician and not any parts or spare tools.
4. How is an RCD different from a fuse?
A residual current device is just not designed to stop a circuit from overloading. It is used to prevent a fatal shock if someone touches a live wire. This level of protection is far beyond what you can get with the typical older wire fuses found in homes that were built more than a decade ago.
5. What all services can an electrician provide?
Depending on whether you are looking to get your home serviced or a commercial/ official space of yours, services and their scale varies. Services can include maintenance jobs & servicing, installation of Home Theatre & Multi-Room Audio, full house wiring, data communications, Ventilation Solutions, Lighting design & installations/audit/repair, AC servicing and installation, Security CCTVs and alarms, Heat Pumps, Solar Power Systems, Underfloor heating, automated home systems.
6. What does Home Automation essentially mean?
By better designing, programming and integrating your electrical appliances, clever home automation enables your family to enjoy greater comfort and security in your home. By making it easier for you to pick and integrate the home automation that best fits you and your family, we help you build your dream home.
'Future proofing', easy usage, aesthetics or energy savings include home automation advantages.
The spectrum of home automation can range from organised cabling for telephone, video intercom, internet, LAN and video, to automatic control of electric motorised blinds, motorised roller shutters, watering, air-conditioning, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, and other appliances, through home theatre and multi-room audio, automated lighting control, protection and keyless entry.
7. What is Smart Wiring? Can I install it myself?
Smart Wiring is an industry wiring standard that allows numerous telephones, Internet, fax, PAY-TV options, as well as security, audio, home automation lighting, and garden irrigation features to be accessed once installed.
The professional installers are not just experienced but also highly qualified. They are licenced and electrical cablers, who have also undergone specific accreditation training in the Smart Wired system. Only Smart Wired certified installers can install the system.
8. What makes copper wiring a first choice compared to other?
The copper wiring solutions meet all the Australian Standards and work well universally for all systems alike. Its installation is also cheaper, the product is more durable and effective than any other system that includes optic fibre or wireless systems. Its uniqueness lies in the ability to carry large amounts of data smoothly and quickly.

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