Sure, the Star Wars license helped

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Posted by doris895923 from the Agriculture category at 20 Dec 2023 02:24:38 am.
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Classic '90s shooter Star Wars: Dark Forces is getting the Nightdive remaster treatment. Like Rise of the Triad, it released at a weird time for FPS video games, while Doom overshadowed everything and Quake's bounce to complete 3D had but to throw a spanner inside the (clone) works.

Star Wars: Dark Forces become the first massive film tie-in first-person shooter, and it become hugely brilliant upon release in 1995. So it became probable most effective a matter of time earlier than Nightdive Studios took its remaster magic to it.

It wasn't as speedy and bloody as Doom but it became without a doubt Star Wars, and that is what mattered maximum. It captured the spirit of the movies really nicely, and with some charming tech trimmings besides: the Jedi Engine allowed for a few bold level design.

Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster will release in "Q4 2023" with the same old spit and varnish upgrades, in this case: Dark Forces and its sequel had been precursors to the Jedi Knight collection and are among the excellent Star Wars video games going.

Sure, the Star Wars license helped, however Dark Forces is amazing (among different motives) for its cinematic presentation, which turned into type of a no-no returned in 1995 FPS land. It additionally featured a few actual 3D models, and the engine supported double-storey maps.

If you own a mouse, you will in no way turn off your laptop once more. Andy Kelly posted a fascinating Dark Forces retrospective some years ago. It's possibly bittersweet news for the creators of this Dark Forces supply port, which launched past due final year.

If you're keen to strive the unique, playable way to the enduring magic of DOXBox, it is on Steam for cheap. Nightdive Studios also introduced a remaster of Turok three: Shadow of Oblivion nowadays, making this a very good week for fanatics of true (read: truly antique) boomer shooters.
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