Russia appears to be putting jamming tech on its tanks as exploding drones chase down its vehicles

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Posted by jammer from the Environment category at 02 Dec 2023 03:40:15 am.
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In response to the grave danger posed by pursuing explosive drones, Russia seems to be implementing jamming technology on its tanks as a defensive measure.

On August 2, 2022, DJI Matrice 300 reconnaissance drones were observed conducting test flights in the vicinity of Kyiv. These drones were being prepared for deployment to the front line. The test flights were captured in a photograph taken by SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP and depict the advanced capabilities of these drones.
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SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP via Getty Images captured the test flights of DJI Matrice 300 reconnaissance drones near Kyiv on August 2, 2022, before they were sent to the front line for deployment.

The visual evidence suggests that Russia is outfitting its tanks and vehicles with jammers designed to disrupt the operation of Ukraine's drones.

The signal jammers are showcased in a video advertisement, while Russian Telegram channels rally together to raise funds for procuring more of these devices for the Russian troops.

Both parties engaged in the Ukrainian war are making concerted efforts to address the challenge presented by drone technology.

Russia seems to be taking measures against the persistent risk of drones exploding by installing cell phone jammer on its tanks and vehicles.

This maneuver serves as the most recent illustration of electronic warfare tactics employed on the battlefield. Both sides are now escalating their defensive strategies to shield their troops from the ever-increasing threat posed by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). These UAVs pose a significant danger as they relentlessly track and attack main battle tanks, armored vehicles, supply trucks, infantry squads, and even individual soldiers.

This week, a camouflaged tank equipped with a GPS jammers on its roof screen was featured in a photo shared on a Russian Telegram channel. The tank also had a cage designed to shield against first-person view (FPV) drone attacks.

The cone-shaped system has been identified by observers as a Volnorez C-UAS EW jammer. This particular channel had previously posted several pictures showcasing the unboxing and installation of the same drone jammer system on different vehicles, including tanks and pickup trucks.
In addition, a video was shared to promote the system, shedding light on its production process and demonstrating its ability to effectively neutralize Ukrainian drones. It has been reported that Russian Telegram channels have initiated crowdfunding efforts to procure more jammers for utilization by Russian units.

The decision of Russia to equip vehicles with jammers highlights their growing apprehension about the threat of FPV drone attacks. However, the effectiveness of these systems and the number of jammers in use remain uncertain. In the past, tank and armored crews have been seen welding cages onto their vehicles as a crude defense.

Nevertheless, while armed forces strive to implement electronic warfare defenses, both adversaries in the conflict have been actively pursuing the development of jamming-resistant drones. Such cutting-edge technologies may compel apprehensive vehicle crews to explore alternative resolutions.
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