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STATEMENT: Drones were utilized to construct a massive, illuminated skeleton in an outdoor plaza near the Burj Khalifa for a Halloween presentation that hovered over pedestrians.
The video has been deemed false by experts. They have pointed out several tell-tale signs that the "drone show" is not genuine, including its speed, which surpasses the current limits of drone technology. Additionally, the lack of reaction from the crowd below the skeleton to the enormous display above them is another indication of its fabrication.
The video, which has been circulating on social media since Halloween, allegedly shows a nighttime display that came close to the height of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.
Captured in a concise 8-second clip, a mesmerizing sight unfolds as a group of illuminated drones forms the shape of a skeleton. This ethereal drone skeleton glides effortlessly above the individuals meandering through an expansive outdoor plaza, situated next to Dubai Mall, an esteemed global shopping hub. Remarkably, the skeleton's stature nearly rivals the towering height of the adjacent skyscraper, reaching an astonishing 2,716 feet and 6 inches (828 meters) signal jamming.
A TikTok post showcasing the video exclaimed, "Dubai's #Halloween drone show takes a spine-chilling turn with a ghostly skeleton floating in the sky." The video had amassed approximately 8.5 million views by Friday.
The frightful presentation received a political interpretation from other users, including a post on X, formerly Twitter, which asserts: "On Halloween, the UAE showcases an astonishing drone simulation of a massive skeleton at Burj Khalifa in Dubai. This decision has sparked outrage among many Muslim countries, who consider Halloween as a 'satanic holiday' coinciding with the distressing events in Gaza."
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Nevertheless, a number of authorities consulted by The Associated Press have stated that the video does not truly exhibit a skeleton formed by drones.
In Fort Worth, Texas, Preston Ward, the chief pilot and general counsel for Sky Elements Drone Shows, firmly declared the display to be entirely false. Ward took it upon himself to debunk the deceptive presentation on various social media platforms.
Ward drew attention to various clues within the video that cast doubt on the authenticity of the skeleton. One such clue is the unusually swift movement, which exceeds the limitations of existing drone technology. Moreover, despite the estimated presence of approximately 2,000 drones, the lack of noise emitted is highly unusual. Lastly, the flawless execution of the display appears highly improbable.
He remarked, "The visual presentation appears excessively flawless, too. However, it is inevitable to encounter some imperfections. In a live performance, there will always be some degree of variability. Additionally, all their shades exhibit an indistinguishable appearance, and the luminosity appears identical."
Moreover, Ryan Sigmon, co-founder of Firefly Drone Shows in Detroit, asserts that flying drones over pedestrians in a densely populated area, as seen in the video, is inherently unsafe. He also agrees that the skeleton depicted in the footage lacks realism.
In addition to the technological and logistical aspects, it is noteworthy that none of the individuals in the video display any reaction towards the colossal entity positioned above them. This particular video is the sole footage available online, which is rather improbable considering the widespread use of smartphones in contemporary society. Moreover, there have been no official announcements or promotions regarding a show of this nature occurring in Dubai drone jammer.
The creator of the video is still a mystery, but it was uploaded on TikTok by Geoscan Group, a company specializing in drone shows, on Tuesday and quickly gained millions of views. Despite being asked for a statement, Geoscan has remained silent, and the video has been taken down from their TikTok account as of Friday.
AP is committed to countering the prevalence of misinformation by partnering with external companies and organizations. Through this collaboration, factual context is added to misleading content that is currently circulating online. For more information on AP's fact-checking efforts, please refer to their dedicated resources on fact-checking.
An official has confirmed that an American Reaper drone was brought down by Iran-supported Houthi insurgents in the vicinity of Yemen.
CNN has reported that a defense official confirmed the downing of an unmanned US military drone by Houthi forces off the coast of Yemen.
As per the official's statement, the MQ-9 Reaper drone was shot down while operating in international airspace and over international waters. The incident is under investigation by US Central Command.
On Wednesday, the Iran-backed Houthi militants claimed responsibility for the shootdown, which occurred after a considerable time since the USS Carney, a US Navy warship, intercepted multiple missiles and drones launched by the Houthis while they were heading north along the Red Sea. CNN's previous report stated that the ship effectively shot down four cruise missiles and 15 drones over a period of nine hours. The unmistakable trajectory of these projectiles left no doubt that their intended target was Israel.
Following the attack by Hamas on Israel, Iranian proxy groups have escalated their assaults on US forces and assets in the Middle East. Since October 17, there have been at least 40 attacks on US and coalition bases in Iraq and Syria. These attacks have resulted in minor injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, among multiple US servicemembers, according to officials.
According to a senior defense official, Iran is the main culprit behind the attacks on US forces in the region. The official went on to say that there is clear evidence linking Iran to the attacks.
In response to the activities of various groups, the United States took retaliatory measures on October 26 by launching airstrikes in Syria. The airstrikes were specifically aimed at the infrastructure being used by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and its affiliated proxies. To execute these airstrikes, a combination of an F-15 fighter jet and a pair of F-16 fighter jets were employed, utilizing precision-guided munitions. The primary target of these strikes was a facility responsible for storing weapons and ammunition, situated in Abu Kamal near the Syria-Iraq border.
According to CNN, Iran is looking to exploit the backlash against the US support for Israel. While Tehran may not be explicitly commanding the groups' attacks, it does seem to be fostering them.
In the aftermath of the retaliatory attacks in Syria last month, the US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin issued a forceful admonition to Tehran.
While we cannot confirm Iran's involvement in the attacks against our forces, we urge all parties to exercise restraint and avoid any actions that may escalate tensions in the region. We remain committed to upholding international law and will work with our partners to address any security challenges in the region.
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