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Posted by DonnaStella123 from the Agriculture category at 28 Mar 2023 01:40:33 am.
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So it definitely fits right into my personal timeline for when I was expecting Phase 2 to come out as I don't think it to be released before the Christmas season. But I don't think they'd want to waste too long on this. For one, if it comes out on January 9. this is just three months from now. In the meantime, people are getting bored with Naxxramas.

It's an extremely boring encounter, and it provides you with something to do. Phase one is a bit of a sleeper phase (without being able to play Heroics) In my opinions, as well as a majority of people do as well. I'm sure a lot of people are awaiting the news. at the moment, and I'm just looking forward to phase three I'm sure.

The sooner we can get it more information, the better. But also don't over-commit yourself to it. If you do, then releasing it on the 9th of January is great. It will give us about three, four months of phase one, which I consider to be ideal for the first phase. The company has also said that they're searching at some facets to take longer time than other faces. So , we'll go with our most likely to be an eight-month period in the event that my assumptions are right.

Many of you guys might think that the whole leak itself is fake, and it might be, I decided to find a second image that's very like it. It was made public a few months ago. It also talked about various leaks that have proven to be correct. For instance, this one is right here.

It's exactly the same leak from the same website also, which is basically the same image once again, and it basically had everything as well, classic Rock Bottom Chain Global's launch on September 26. With 10 points Iran global launch on November 28. And then the voice was pushed up to the global launch in November 16. Again, on the same note, there was a 10.0 pre patch on October 25. It was the same for North America 126 for EU once again, that one was true as well. And one classic wasn't pre patched and was a pre sale on August 30.

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