A Complete Guide to Buying Superyachts for Sale

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Posted by Westcoastint from the Boating category at 27 Dec 2022 11:43:08 am.
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Superyachts are luxury yachts that are longer than 24 metres. A superyacht is known for luxury and glamour, allowing families and friends to travel to the world's most spectacular destinations in ultimate comfort and privacy.

Superyachts for sale can vary greatly in terms of size, yacht price, amenities, and performance. A crewed superyacht for sale would often contain lavish cabins for 6–12 guests as well as spacious shared living areas. Larger superyachts for sale may have specific passenger licences that allow them to carry more than 12 passengers.

Let’s take a more detailed look at buying a superyacht, and look at chartering a superyacht as well.

What type of superyacht should you purchase?

There is a wide variety of luxury superyachts for sale on the market today. You may already have an idea of the type of yacht you desire as a prospective owner. The two main categories of luxury yachts are sailing boats and motor yachts. Under these two broad categories, there are several elements to consider. Varieties of sailing boats include performance sailing yachts, traditional sailing yachts and catamarans.

Sailing yachts are ideal for individuals looking for adventure and romance. Sailing yachts can offer a more natural feel, with the added benefit of solitude and quiet as they usually do not use the engine, travelling under sail instead.
Motor yachts, on the other hand, often give greater space and span more decks; they can be very fast and constructed to more unique designs.

Should you go for a new or used superyacht?

It is possible to acquire a superyacht that is currently being built and has come on the market before completion. In this instance, you may be able to make adjustments to the design during the build. Choosing an existing superyacht, on the other hand, gives you the benefit of being able to use it immediately. When purchasing an existing superyacht, you may also be able to retrofit the boat to your taste with respect to both interior and exterior design, and enhance with the most recent technological breakthroughs.

Financing a superyacht purchase

Several banks will finance the purchase of a new or used superyacht. Terms will vary, but it is usual for a part of the loan and interest repayments to be deferred until the end of the loan term, when they can be paid by refinancing or using sale profits.

Insurance for a luxury yacht

Accident insurance is essential when owning your superyacht, as with any other large purchase. It is critical to have enough insurance to spread risk and provide assurance, which is improved by disclosing all information to the underwriter when calculating risk and premium.

Where do you moor your superyacht?

Another crucial component of having a superyacht is deciding where you will moor it once purchased. Prices for mooring a superyacht vary from port to port, especially in the more exclusive Mediterranean ports. A mooring or berth for a superyacht can be chartered or purchased. Just get in touch with West Coast International to know more about such matters in detail.

The crew on superyachts for sale

The final consideration when considering a superyacht for sale is how it will be crewed. West Coast International can help you with any crew requirements you may have, whether you are purchasing a yacht or just chartering one.


If you are unclear about the sort of luxury superyacht for sale that is most suited to your needs, your broker, West Coast International, is here to help you with any matter regarding buying, chartering, or selling a yacht.

If you have no prior yachting experience, why not try one of the luxury yachts for charter available through West Coast International, to ensure you are selecting the ideal one for you. Chartering a yacht is a great way to discover what you like before purchasing a yacht of your own.
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