Flea Treatment for Dogs- Why and How Should You Do It?

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flea treatment for dogs
When asking pet owners about their worst summer fears, fleas are always near the top of the list.

Having a dog with fleas is not simply a summertime issue in locations where the temperature is between 65 and 80 degrees, and the humidity is between 75 and 85 percent. Fleas may be a problem for your pet all year long in many parts of the world, so you must give your furry friend adequate flea treatment for dogs. One of the most recommended products is Bravecto treatment because it can be taken orally, which is more accessible than baths or spraying your dog.

Fleas are a common problem for dogs; they may pick them up from other pets or outside. The insect may leap from one host to another, all thanks to its powerful hind legs. They cannot fly since fleas do not have wings.
The itching caused by a flea bite might be mild for some hosts but severe for those hypersensitive to or allergic to fleas. Scratching and biting may become so powerful that hair is lost, inflammation sets in, and secondary skin illnesses occur. Flea saliva may cause severe itching in dogs who are vulnerable to it.

How to Spot Fleas on Dogs

To use a veterinary phrase, how do you determine whether fleas are causing pruritus (itching)? Fleas are often seen crawling or jumping along the skin.

Fleas, which may be as little as the tip of a pin, have a dark copper hue. The ideal places to search for fleas on a dog are the belly and inner thighs, where the dog spends the least time and has the most petite hair.
It is possible that "flea dirt" on a dog also indicates that the animal has fleas. Flea filth appears as little, black pepper-like particles all over the body. Flea dirt is flea excrement made up of digested blood, so if you notice any, take it off the pet and put it on a moist paper towel. A flea infestation is confirmed if the specks spread out like a little bloodstain after a few minutes; this is flea dirt.

If you notice that your canine has fleas, you should immediately apply the most suitable flea treatment for dogs to get rid of the problems. It is uncomfortable for your furry friend and can also be a complicated problem for you if it is not treated right. For a quick result, you should buy the treatment from Bravecto because it is easy to give to your pet and pleasant to chew.

Which Flea Treatment for Dogs Should Your Pet Use?

1. Oral and Topical Flea Control

Fleas are very bothersome and tenacious pests. But some of the quickest methods to get rid of fleas are using tablets or spot-on treatments for fleas and ticks on dogs.

Choosing the proper flea treatment for dogs is vital since some kill adult fleas while others eliminate flea eggs, larvae, and adults. Some people choose to use a therapy that removes fleas and protects against heartworm at the same time. Some need a prescription, and others do not.

What is the most effective flea medication for dogs that can be given orally? Your dog's requirements may vary. See your vet for advice on what's best for your pet.

2. Bravecto- the New Trend

Today, consumers may choose which flea treatment dogs should take for their pet, but the latest prescription options remove most of the hassle.
Preventative flea and tick medication for dogs is often available only via veterinary consultation. A prescription drug is one of the most efficient methods to eliminate fleas quickly.

To kill fleas, treatments containing spinosad take 30 minutes to start working and last a month, whereas Bravecto kills them within two hours and continues doing so for three months.

Some of these flea treatments do not kill the adult flea, but they do stop her eggs from hatching. The flea population will die off without reproduction if the animal is not constantly exposed to fresh fleas.

Prescription flea and tick treatments for dogs are usually a year-round commitment in warm areas, but in other climes, you may need to start your flea treatment for dogs in early spring before the flea season begins.

Pick a solution that kills adult fleas if your pet is hypersensitive to flea saliva (has flea bite allergy) since they may still bite. The best option for dogs with a flea allergy is a solution containing a flea repellent since this will prevent fleas from biting.


3. Nonprescription Medication

Moreover, many alternative over-the-counter options are available to rid your cat of fleas. One possible negative effect is that these alternatives to prescription drugs may not be as effective.

Unlike Bravecto, flea shampoos, powders, sprays, collars, oral medication, and spot-on treatments are available without a doctor's prescription. Therefore, you can choose whichever option you think is better for your canine to use as a dog flea treatment. While many vets claim to have seen fleas on their patients after using OTC flea treatments, several of these medications have received rave ratings from pet owners.

4. Dog Flea Shampoos

Dogs and cats may benefit from using one of the many excellent flea and tick products on the market as another alternative to flea treatment for dogs. Shampoos designed to rid dogs of fleas may include many substances, some of which are more successful than others.

Use only dog shampoo that is safe for little pups. The shampoo needs at least four to nine minutes to settle into your pet’s fur, so you will need to think about whether your furry friend can handle being soaked and patient for that long.

After giving your pet a relaxing warm bath, you may comb off any remaining fleas and ticks using a comb for dogs. In contrast to Bravecto, flea washes will not stop fleas from reinfesting your dog's environment.
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