It is not easy to be the elder stepsister of the cabinet.

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Xue yuanjing has the aura of a man. With him, nothing can hurt him. Now Xue Jiayue will feel safer only if she follows him step by step. But Xue yuanjing did not know the idea in her mind. When he heard this, he was stunned and turned to look at Xue Jiayue. Xue Jiayue saw that his eyes were deep and deep, and what was surging in his dark eyes was the emotion that she could not understand. So she couldn't help but feel a little nervous in her heart. She was about to say that she was just joking and that she would stay here alone. But suddenly she heard Xue yuanjing's cold voice: "Since you want to follow me, you should follow me well.". If you lose me, I won't come back for you. With these words, he grasped the machete and water bag in his hand and bent down to walk out of the cave. Seeing this, Xue Jiayue ignored the surprise in her heart and hurried to follow her. Although the sun was still hanging in the sky, the heat had obviously subsided, like a salted egg yolk. The pale golden sunlight sprinkled on the leaves that had not yet fallen from the branches of the trees, looking at a different kind of quiet beauty. Xue Jiayue followed Xue yuanjing to the stream to fetch water. On the way back, I saw a hairy chestnut tree. The chestnuts were ripe, the thorns were open, the chestnuts inside fell down, and the bottom of the tree fell a lot. Xue yuanjing put the water bag and machete filled with water on the ground and went to the tree to pick up the chestnuts that had fallen down. Xue Jiayue also went over to pick it up, took the cloth bag out, and put all the chestnuts she had picked up in it. This cloth bag is what she used to hold fried rice. But at noon, when she made fried rice and poached eggs, she had already used a lot of fried rice. When she stopped to rest on the way, she shared the remaining fried rice with Xue yuanjing, and now it was just used to hold chestnuts. When Xue yuanjing saw it out of the corner of his eye, he handed over the chestnuts he had picked up without saying a word and asked Xue Jiayue to put them in a cloth bag. But the cloth bag was not big, and even if it was full, it could not hold many chestnuts. Finally, Xue Jiayue thought about it and pocketed a lot with her skirt, intending to take them all back together. People who have suffered from hunger are always reluctant to throw away their food,deep draw stamping, and it is good to take more back. Xue yuanjing looked at her movements and did not say anything, but silently walked over to take the bulging cloth bag from Xue Jiayue's hand, took the water bag and machete that had been placed on the ground before, and turned to walk in the direction of the cave. Xue Jiayue also hurried to follow up. After sending the water bag and chestnuts back to the cave, Xue yuanjing went to the front of his basket and took out all the things inside. Xue Jiayue looked at the things he took out of his backpack, the same, all packed neatly. Sure enough, obsessive-compulsive disorder does things differently. Xue yuanjing had already stood up with a basket on his back and a small hoe in his hand. Seeing Xue Jiayue still sitting on the hay, he stopped, lowered his eyes, and looked at her without saying a word. At that time, although there was still sunlight outside, the sunlight could not shine into the cave, non standard fasteners ,DIN screw plug, so the cave looked much darker than the outside. Xue Jiayue saw that Xue yuanjing's eyes looked much deeper and deeper than before. Like a bottomless pool, no one could see what was under it. But she also understood that Xue yuanjing had to go out, so she stood up and smiled at Xue yuanjing. Xue yuanjing glanced at her and turned away without a word. This person is really, Xue Jiayue sighs in the heart, too stuffy. If you have something to say, let's talk about it. Why do you keep everything in your heart and let others guess? Thanks to her previous life in the hands of her stepmother for a few years to observe the days, otherwise if this for someone else, it is not likely to be Xue yuanjing this cold look to turn around and run away. Still brush a good feeling of hair ah? However, even though she was complaining in her heart, Xue Jiayue hurriedly took down all the things in her basket, carried the basket on her back, and followed Xue yuanjing's footsteps out. There are a lot of mountain goods in the deep mountains where no one has ever been. On this trip, Xue yuanjing and Xue Jiayue picked wild pears, kiwifruit, green dates, persimmons and wild grapes. Xue yuanjing even cut a very sharp stick with a machete and forked a very fat fish beside the stream. On the way back, he went around and searched carefully, and picked up a lot of mushrooms. Xue Jiayue can still help when picking wild fruits, but she can't help at all when forking fish and picking mushrooms. The mushrooms she knows are limited to the limited oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and Flammulina velutipes sold in the vegetable market. As for the others, she is not sure if they are poisonous. Always afraid of picking poisonous mushrooms by mistake, then her life will be explained here, but how to do. As for the spear fish, Xue Jiayue took off her shoes when she looked at Xue yuanjing's spear fish, rolled up her trouser legs, stood in knee-deep water, and then remained motionless like a wooden man, staring intently at the water. It was late autumn, and in the evening, the stream must be very cold. But when Xue yuanjing stood in the water, he did not move at all, and his face did not change at all. Even when he saw the fish in front of him eating the water plants slowly, he stood still and did not mean to go there. It was not until the fish finally swam slowly to him that he started to attack the fish at once. Xue Jiayue admired his patience very much. It was impossible for her to stand in the cold stream for such a long time for a fish. It is impossible to see a fish in front of you and remain indifferent. I'm sure she'll be in a hurry to fork it. But obviously, if she moves at this time, the fish under the water will surely be surprised, will certainly swim away immediately, then the front of such a long time is not white bubble in the cold water? But people are always like this. Things that had been waiting for a long time suddenly appeared in front of him, and he was not in a hurry to come over, but he was afraid that he could not help but go and catch them in his heart, but Xue yuanjing was so calm. When she came back, Xue Jiayue was eating wild pears as she walked. Although it is a wild pear, but a bite down is very crisp,CNC machining parts, but also very sweet, Xue Jiayue eat very satisfied. So after eating one, she took one out of the basket.
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