Male God Tries Marriage for 365 Days: Gold Medal Wife Is a Little Wild

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"Minmei, have you really thought about it?" Su Yiru held Ye Mingmei's hand with heartache and worry in her eyes. Her nakedness was photographed in the hands of Yu Xiuzhun, and even the video was available. If Yu Xiuzhun was angered, no one knew what the devil would do. She had lost her husband and could no longer bear the pain of losing her daughter. Mom, after Dad's first seven days, shall we get out of here? Ye Mingmei's body trembled, and her whole body was as weak as a gust of wind that could blow her down. I can't imagine how she had the courage to say those words just now. She didn't even dare to look up at the crowd for fear of seeing Yu Xiuzhun. The slender body leaned against Su Yiru's bosom, fragile and painful. In fact, you don't have to say those words. Even if you accuse me, I won't blame you. Qin Youxuan did not know when to walk to their mother and daughter's side, the faint opening. She knows a little about the difficulties of Su Yiru and Ye Mingmei. But even if you know, you can't accept betrayal. If they could really say what they accused her of, she would not trust anyone in the Ye family in the future. However, Ye Mingmei's apology caught Qin Youxuan by surprise. I just said what I had to say. I did see your DNA test report in Dad's study. She even took the report to Qin Youxuan's theory. Outsiders do not know what happened to the Ye family, and Ye Mingmei knows it in her own heart. Argument is only self-deception. In the end, it makes her impostor even worse. You are the real young lady of the Ye family. If you want to tell the media, I am willing to cooperate with you. I just hope you can forgive my mother. She will do this to protect me. I'm sorry. “……” Qin Youxuan's cat eyes twinkled slightly, glancing at Su Yiru with a guilty face,fake blossom tree, not knowing what else he could say. Yu Xiu won't give up. What are you going to do? “…… You know all about it? Su Yiru was taken aback. Youxuan, I'm sorry, Minmei, she was granted by Yu Xiu. I have only one daughter. She grew up in the palm of my hand. I can't watch her being destroyed. "It's really for her own good that she should call the police at the first time and connive at the murderer to get away with it for a while, which is tantamount to being strangled by the throat and controlled by others everywhere." Qin Youxuan's eyes sank. Chapter 1419 you want to help Ye Mingmei? Soft-hearted? "Can't call the police, once the police intervene, Yu Xiu will not be brought to justice, but Minmei will be completely destroyed, if people know." And those videos and photos, artificial coconut palm trees ,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, Yu Xiu will not let her go so easily! Su Yiru looked at the pale Ye Mingmei and held her tightly in her arms. Eyes flashed, "This matter, but also involves your father's death, Yu Xiuzhun sent me a video, is your father's video before death, Yu Xiuzhun promised me, as long as I do not let you inherit the property of the Ye family, he will tell me the source of that video." "Do you think Yu Xiu will be able to stop now?"? He can use Ye Mingmei to threaten you. How dare you believe his words? Aunt Ru, are you dizzy? Qin Youxuan gasped, completely unable to imagine that the death of Ye Zhanxing had something to do with Yu Xiuzhun. The Ye family's property is in my hands, I will keep it properly until I can return it to you, but if people know about Minmei, I don't even dare, what kind of pressure she has to face, I have no choice. Su Yiru cried out of control. She lost her husband overnight, and her only daughter had such a thing. No matter how strong Su Yiru is, she can't bear it. ……” Qin Youxuan didn't know what else to say. Everyone has difficulties, so she deserves to be abandoned? That's not the way it should be interpreted. A big palm suddenly fell from his shoulder and pushed Qin Youxuan's petite body back. Shan Hanjie did not know when to go behind her and protect her in his arms. "I won't. No matter what happens, I will protect you first." “……” Qin Youxuan was shocked and looked up at him in amazement. She didn't say anything, but he knew the bitterness in her heart. Tingye should be hungry and go home to feed his son. Shan Hanjie clasped her hand and pulled her out. "Youxuan, I'm sorry for you." Su Yiru knelt on the ground and burst into tears. Qin Youxuan paused and did not look back. "I can understand you, but I can't understand you. I will get the shares of the Ye family in the shortest time." The words fell and he strode out of the court. Qin Youxuan did not speak again until he got on the bus. The charming little face was very tight. To be angry is to punish oneself for other people's mistakes, which is not worth the loss. "Shan Hanjie emptied a hand and pinched her little hand." Can you help me investigate Ye Mingmei's affairs? Qin Youxuan suddenly made a sound, and his clear cat eyes looked at Shan Hanjie. You want to help Ye Mingmei? Are you soft-hearted? Shan Hanjie raised his eyebrows. Qin Youxuan did not want him to help her, but for Ye Mingmei to open his mouth with him, Shan Hanjie really did not know whether he should be happy or lost. I didn't think she would help me, although I didn't need it. Qin Youxuan raised her eyes and covered the softness of her eyes. Ye Mingmei's reaction in court today was completely unexpected to Qin Youxuan. No one knew better than she how timid Ye Mingmei was, and after exposing her young lady's arrogance, she looked even more cowardly. Ye Mingmei himself knew that the consequence of not being able to say those words was probably that he would lose his reputation, but he still confessed everything he knew in front of the judge. Even apologized to her in court. It is a lie to say that there is no feeling. At that moment, Qin Youxuan seemed to have a new understanding of Ye Mingmei. Suddenly,large artificial blossom trees, like Su Yiru, she could not bear to see her hurt. Chapter 1420 is definitely something you're good at. "She just did what she should do, and she still owes you more than replacing you as Miss Ye." Shan Hanjie opened his lips almost coldly. Qin Youxuan glanced at him.
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