Pisces Dates

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Happy Birthday, Pisces! The twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac, Pisces is the sign for folks who are born between February 19 and March 20. The astrological symbol shows two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing the duality within the Piscean nature.

Pisces Dates

Smart, creative, and deeply intuitive, Pisces can be close to psychic. Pisces feel things deeply, and have incredibly strong gut reactions. A Pisces "knows" things from deep within, and can often judge whether a person or situation is good or bad. That doesn't mean a Pisces ignores the logical part of their brain, though. Deeply intelligent, Pisces have a profound respect for the power of the human mind. Is it a surprise that Albert Einstein was a Pisces?

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Pisces signs are sensitive, and get along well in small groups of people. Sometimes, a Pisces may feel like they have an internal and external self, and they may need to spend a lot of time solo to recalibrate those two halves of themselves. A Pisces is rarely lonely when they are by themselves, and have an active imagination. Creative, Pisces love spending time reading, exploring or creating art or music, and understanding their emotions through art.

Pisces – the Loving Fish Imagine two people skinny dipping and suddenly turning into two fish swimming around each other in a crystal-clean lake. This is what the image behind Pisces should stand for, but it is more often connected to the historical and mythological background as the follower of Capricorn. Fear can drive them apart from loved ones, drive them into romance, or make them tremble feeling completely unwilling and powerless. Still, love helps them swim through the muddiest waters only to find the one their heart connects to. They are not in search for just any love you think of, but for their soulmate, someone who connects with them with an umbilical cord, ready to exchange everything they have with their Pisces partner throughout their entire shared lifetime and beyond.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope
The roulette wheel has numbers that sum up to 666. You can see that there is something wrong with the bigger picture
Pisces Daily Horoscope
Sunday 11/06/2022
Tonic contains quinines that are reactive to UV light which is why a gin & tonic will glow under it. There’s a

Pisces Tomorrow's Horoscope
Monday 11/07/2022
You’ve already used some important opportunities and while you are waiting for their turn to blossom, you should take care of those

Pisces Weekly Horoscope
10/31/2022 - 11/06/2022
You had trouble positioning yourself properly around certain people, not sure if they imposed some beliefs on you or if they’ve tried.

Pisces Love And Sex
The sign of Pisces is a sign of incorrigible romantics, for it exalts Venus and serves love, devotion, pleasure and all that is beautiful and tender. They are very gentle and extremely generous with their partner, but in search for love tend to forget about their moral values from time to time. They need to feel a real connection with their partners in order to open up and find that inner sense of absolute faith in an ideal love that drives them away from any idea of change.

Short-term relationships and adventures are not typical for this zodiac sign, although they have a changeable note to them that allows them to be quite carefree when it comes to choosing a new daily fling. Once they discover the inner state of belief in someone they start sharing their life with, they become deeply loyal and honest, as if their sole purpose in life was to find the person standing in front of them and making them happy.

Romance can throw anyone born in this sign from one romance and straight into the other, and matching them in widget below might help which stands a better chance of success:

Pisces is unique among the signs of the Zodiac. Where most of us have several identifiable attributes, those born under Pisces are actually a combination of all of them. Able to identify with anyone, their compassion leads the way.
As a child, you excel at knowing what others expect of you. Playing with one group of friends, you intuit what they seek and fill the gap.

You are acknowledged and admired. With a different set of friends, however, a new you emerges. This works just fine until others ask you to “define yourself.” Upset that you should pursue only one of your personalities, you learn to blend and withdraw with skill.

As you are always open to the influence of others, you need regularly scheduled alone time. This is when you recharge your batteries and you begin to understand your own true nature. As a child, you should have your own room. It is also preferable for you to take baths instead of showers. This allows you to steep in the still waters which can ameliorate and calm your emotions.

You are almost always talented in either music or art. Able to easily dance with the Muses, you have the ability to channel their impulses in most creative ways. You enjoy soft music and gentle colors. Nature truly soothes you.

Many believe that there are really two different kind of Pisces. The take-charge ones dream big, pursue their goals and attain much success. There are actually quite a few Pisces CEOs. They have the ability to relate to and understand all of their employees and are adept at meeting their needs. Some Pisces, though, are overwhelmed by their environment. These souls should learn that they are actually in charge. By changing some of the externals in their lives, they can also shine.

Just remember that you are brimming with potential. Actions will activate it.

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