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A Bucket of Blood by Roger Corman- Comment

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Post date : 2020-11-29 01:11
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Nerdy Walter Paisley (Dick Miller), a maladroit busboy at a beatnik café who doesn't fit in with the cool scene around him, attempts to woo his beautiful co-worker, Carla (Barboura Morris), by making a bust of her. When his klutziness results in the death of his landlady's cat, he panics and hides its body under a layer of plaster. But when Carla and her friends enthuse over the resulting artwork, Walter decides to create some bigger and more elaborate pieces using the same artistic process.
Initial release: October 21, 1959 (USA)
Director: Roger Corman
Sequel: Little Shop of Horrors
Screenplay: Charles B. Griffith

Watch classic American horror film online.
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