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Meeky Hwang: Optimize SEO with Serverless Sitemaps- Comment

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Category : IT Workshop
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Post date : 2020-08-30 14:37
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Information about this video
Sitemaps are the key ingredients for the site SEO optimization. There are many plugins to generate sitemaps but for enterprise level sites with massive content these plugins do not work as intended; as they are designed to dynamically generate the sitemaps on a fly. Serverless sitemaps alleviate these issues. In this talk I will go over how the serverless sitemaps work.
The Pitch
I’ve taken over support for sites with over 10,000 articles, galleries, videos, and other content types. The sitemaps generated by the community plugins have various issues including, slow sitemaps generation, no cleanups, incorrectly handling the specific types of content such as media, and more.
The Focus
I will go over how the serverless sitemap works and underlying logic on how it’s built as well as how the serverless sitemaps fixes the issues with the legacy sitemaps.

Full presentation slides:

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