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Akshat Choudhary: An Analysis of 100+ Hacked Sites- Comment

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Username : peter88
Category : IT Workshop
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Post date : 2020-08-30 14:35
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Information about this video
In this talk, I will be sharing the best strategies to secure a site based on my analysis of 100+ hacked sites. I’d give the audience a walkthrough of the logs of the hacked sites and decode the weak points and the method used to hack the sites. I will then explain the different ways one can protect a WordPress site from hacks. This would range from using existing firewall and security plugins to adding custom rules on the backend.
WordPress Security at its very core is constantly evolving. As hackers constantly find new ways to exploit, it’s imperative to stay dynamic and be prepared for the worst. I believe that understanding how hackers are hacking a site can go a long way in protecting it. Over the last 10 years, I’ve dealt with more than 200,000 hacked sites. I’d like to use my learning from them to push people to identify their site’s weak points and hopefully be a catalyst to them taking security more seriously.
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