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Robots make sushi and pour beers at trade show in Thailand - Comment

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Post date : 2019-11-19 16:21
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The cutting edge robots were captured making sushi, pouring beer and even playing chess in Thailand.

The artificial intelligence machines were being displayed on a manufacturing event in Bangkok on June 19, which included the Dual-Arm SCARA robot from Japanese firm Kawasaki showing off how it prepares one of the country’s famous cuisine Sushi. While Swiss firm ABB has developed a robot that can rival the traditional barmaids and barmen by pouring a pint and even checking every last drop left in the bottle.

Other devices included robots for packing and storing that industry figures said they will revolutionise the workplace in the coming years.

The Robot X Manufacturing Expo is held annually. Organisers said the trade show is the most comprehensive event on manufacturing robots, software, solutions, and supporting industries in ASEAN.

More than 30 brands from around the world attended the event, which is one of the hottest and growing industrial automation markets in South East Asia.
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