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Tim Strifler, David Blackmon: Coopetition: Banding together with your competition to help grow your business- Comment

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Post date : 2019-05-14 01:01
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It’s common to view your competitors in business as barriers. However, if you shift your thinking to view your competitors as opportunities for collaboration, something unique can happen. In this talk, Tim and I share our experience from partnering with competitors in a crowded niche WordPress market, through “Coopetition”, to help us grow our business to over 7 figures annually and achieve success. In this talk we will be sharing our journey of how working together has helped explode our WordPress business. Through the world’s eyes, the people we partner with are competitors. We’ll be sharing some of the benefits of coopetition, as well as some practical ways that listeners can turn their competition into coopetition.
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