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DIY Navy Bathroom Decorating Ideas- Comment

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Post date : 2017-03-24 15:52
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How to make cute navy bathroom decorations. Today we'll show you amazing decorating ideas that help you to craft a whipped cream shaped soap dispenser, a starfish decorated mirror, a cute candle holder, an incredible toothbrush beaker and convenient towel holder. These incredible items will add a splash of bright colors to your bathroom and help create a unique style of your own!

Soap dispenser:

• Glass jar with a screw-top
• Hot melt glue sticks
• Twine
• Acrylic paints
• White spray paint
• Soap dispenser pump

Mirror :

• Round mirror
• Cotton rope
• Hot glue gun and sticks
• Dense felt fabric of a light hue
• Sink mat
• Acrylic paints

Bath mat :

• Knitted fabric (5’x5’ - blue fabric, 1.5’x1.5’– yellow fabric, a bit of pink)
• Elastic bath mat
• Scissors

Colored salt cradle holder:

• Gouache
• Fine salt
• Small bubble bowl glass vase
• Sifter

Towel holder:

• Big can
• White spray paint
• Cotton rope
• Hot glue gun
• Hot melt glue sticks
• Acrylic paints

Toothbrush beaker:

• Colored aquarium gravel
• Shells
• Smack sea pebbles
• Colored beach glass
• Beaker
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