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Marly's Visit To Toronto, Canada- Comment

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Post date : 2012-01-14 03:26
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I went to Toronto for Christmas and the New Year. I was so looking forward to see a real Canadian winter and a white Christmas, but I had no luck! But I had a lot of fun in Toronto.

I went to the CN Tower, which is the highest tower in Canada. It used to be the highest tower in the world, but not anymore.

Nevertheless, I loved my ride in a super fast elevator, which took me to the top of the world! I even asked nice people to lift me so I could take a picture of myself at the top of the world!

I had so much fun at the CN tower. I rode a moose, which is a beloved animal in Toronto, since they don't have many bears.

I met many nice people at the CN Tower, including a little boy Daniel from Toronto who was visiting CN Tower with his aunt and uncle.

People are incredibly nice in Canada and everyone was happy to hold me. Even the very strict security guard in the CN Tower wanted to hold me and take a picture with me.

Then I got to lie on the glass floor in the CN Tower and I could see the ground far below, and I wasn't scared at all!

Toronto is so huge when you look out the window in the CN tower! It's built in a funny way, too: all tall buildings are in the middle of Toronto along the Yonge street, and in Downtown along the lake, like an upside down letter T.

And short building are all around.

Then I went to the Royal Ontario Museum. It's the most famous museum in Toronto, and it looks like a crystal, and a very big one! Look how tiny I am on the picture.

I liked the museum so much! They have lots of stuffed animals and birds, which looked just like me, although I didn't see any bears. But most of all I liked the skeletons of dinosaurs - they were so huge!

One day, I even took a trip to Niagara Falls, which is a 1,5 hours drive from Toronto. The weather was a bit gloomy and foggy, but I did my best to pose for the pictures.

I really liked the falls - there are 2 of them, one is Canadian, and the other is American. I actually saw the USA across the Niagara River! The Americans invited me to cross the bridge and come to the USA, but I didn't have a
passport on me, and you can't cross the bridge without a passport.

So I decided to go to the Wax Museum in the Canadian Niagara Falls instead. They have wax figures of the famous people and even bears. I took a picture with Elvis Presley and a bear, we kinda look like brothers!

After the museum, I went to play Galaxy Golf in Niagara Falls, which is almost like a real golf, but they have funny alien figures around. My favourite was a scary orange alien Octopus, I wouldn't want to meet him for real!

I wanted to stay in Toronto longer and wait for snow, but it was time to catch my flight back to Australia.

I had a great time in Toronto thanks to Svetlana.
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