How can I hate training less?

Post date: 2018-10-07 14:03:30
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I am not a manager or a trainer, but because I work for a big retail chain, am mildly competent, and they don't want to pay people with actual credentials to train new people, they keep foisting new people upon me. Unfortunately, I hate training them.

This is not the new people's fault. It's more about the fact that 1) I myself have had no training in how to train people, 2) I'm a part time employee and feel like if I wanted to train people I would take the leap to become a manager, so being given duties like this anyway makes me cranky.

Assume I cannot weasel my way out of this. Management is aware I am deeply uncomfortable in training situations; they just don't care. I have asked nicely, plead desperately, and glowered when given the news to no avail. Yes, I know I need a better job-- but that's not the point of this question. The point is: Do you also hate training? Do you have any tips on how can I have a better attitude about this inevitable annoyance, and do a better job when confronted by it?
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