Stop showing me suffering animals

Post date: 2023-03-29 01:29:54
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A little while ago, facebook suddenly started showing me a huge number of "suggested posts" with videos of dogs and occasionally other animals being "rescued" from abuse, starving, dying, and similar horrible situations that I'm guessing are done intentionally. They seem like a very low budget, much more terrible version of the dodo dog rescue videos that used to show up a lot before these replaced them, like the video-equivalent of cheap Amazon knockoffs. Is there any way at all to block these from showing up?

I've tried:

-doing nothing for awhile when they first showed up to avoid "engaging" at all, then:
-clicking the X which facebook claims will show less content like that (obviously this is a blatant lie)
-clicking the snooze for 30 days option (they're all different sources so this does nothing)
-I've never once, even accidentally, clicked through to watch any of these awful videos, and I scroll past as quickly as possible

All with no change. It really bothers me to see all the horrible pictures (every video displays an image of a suffering animal even without clicking anything) as I'm scrolling past.

Please don't suggest that I quit facebook or start a new account. I'm not doing that. If there's no other solution I guess I'll live with it.

Is there any way to block these videos or to somehow convince facebook algorithms that I genuinely do not want to see suffering animals on my feed even if it's supposedly an "inspiring" story?
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