Advice for a late May itinerary to Costa Rica

Post date: 2023-03-29 03:55:04
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I am looking for some advice on this late May itinerary to Costa Rica for an 11-12 day trip. We are thinking Pacuare River--San Gerardo de Dota-- Drake Bay. We are looking for a less touristy experience with beautiful scenery and wildlife. Does this plan sound reasonable?

We are traveling at the end of May, roughly 5/21-5/31. Outside of transportation to and from the rafting location, which will be provided by the lodge, we will be using shared shuttles or private drivers.

We are interested in hanging out on lodge balconies/porches with great views, hiking from the lodge, and a few tours.

I am mainly interested in whether this looks reasonable for this amount of time and any advice you have on lodging, activities, or logistics for these areas and travel between them.

We are hoping to make it as far as Drake Bay but will substitute Uvita as a backup. Advice on that would be welcome, too.

Thank you for any thoughts you have!

Day 1: arrive in San Jose
Day 2: early morning transfer to raft Pacuare river, stay at raft lodge
Day 3: stay at raft lodge
Day 4: raft out. Transfer to San Gerardo de Dota or de Rivas
Day 5: San Gerardo de Dota area
Day 6: San Gerardo de Dota area
Day 7: early morning transfer to Uvita or Drake Bay
Day 8: Uvita or Drake Bay
Day 9: Uvita or Drake Bay (could possibly add a day here)
Day 10: Transfer to San Jose
Day 11: fly out

I've read through all of the past Costa Rica question, and the information has been knowledgeable and helpful. It's been a while, though, and several of these areas haven't been mentioned.
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