Going to law enforcement after check fraud?

Post date: 2023-03-29 14:56:33
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Today we found out that someone had some checks printed with my Mom's account information and has been cashing or depositing them over the past few weeks to a small bank across the country. How do we move forward trying to bust this person?

The fraud department of the small bank is who got in touch (but I unwittingly approved a couple of fraud alerts from our bank last week, protip have an idea what your check sequence numbers are). We've already spoken with both banks and everything is going to be reversed, so the financial part is taken care of. There is also a fraud lock (deposits only) on the account until we transfer over to a new account number.

Now I want to go to law enforcement. The bank said go to local police, but I was wondering if going to the county's District Attorney be better? I've had trouble in the past getting police response for something in another jurisdiction, so I'm a little reticent to put all of my faith in them. The fake checks include some telltale elements that point to a specific vector of trouble, which is one of our caregivers for my Mom that I hired almost on sight after meeting her through an agency (that I assumed would be a good crime filter). Of course it may be someone in her orbit that saw a check laying around and took a pic, but regardless they are in the hot seat.

I'm not trying to get all nosy and try to get security cam footage or device IDs (for mobile deposit) and get my forensics on, but I'd like to be ahead of the ball as to what to supply and who to supply it to.

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