CPAP camping - question on cables needed for battery (charge & connect)

Post date: 2023-03-23 11:55:03
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I have questions on (a) device needed for charging the deep-cycle battery, and (b) cable/adapter needed for the CPAP's DC-DC converter to connect to the battery.

I'm planning to camp for two nights. I've read this AskMe as well as the battery guide from my CPAP manufacturer (ResMed, AirSense 10) and believe I've identified a couple good candidate deep-cycle 100Ah batteries that will last me a couple nights (example . Another example).

Now I need to figure out the care and feeding of the battery, as well has what I need to hook up the CPAP.

1. Is this sort of thing really all that is needed to charge a battery? And if yes, is it worth spending $40 more to get the 5A version of the same charger? (Note, FWIW, I will not be charging the battery during the trip.)

2. The DC-DC converter for the CPAP will have a car adapter -type plug. I don't even know what to call the sort of adapter/cable assembly that will be needed to accept the plug and connect it to the battery. Any recommendations?

3. Bonus question: if you have an AirSense 10 and have obtained a DC-DC adapter, any links to what you bought (if it made you happy) would be welcome.

4. My budget is about $400 (tops!) which is why I've decided to roll my own instead of getting one of the simpler solutions that are more expensive. If you know of a different approach that will get 2 nights of power for a CPAP that isn't over $400, I'm all ears. Weight isn't an issue (car camping).

Lastly, thanks very much for reading and helping someone get a good nights' sleep on a much needed getaway.
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