Flying to Vegas: Migraine Edition

Post date: 2023-03-14 08:08:44
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I've had chronic migraines (nearly daily) for the past few months. I have to fly to Las Vegas to present at a conference next week, and I'd love to hear your tips for managing both the flight and my stay so that I can minimize my pain as much as possible.

I'm very sensitive to bright lights and loud sounds. I'm pretty sure that Vegas is just one big migraine trigger! Plus I imagine flights are not great for migraines either. I'm taking JSX so I don't have to deal with a regular terminal, fortunately. The conference is at The Venetian and that's where I'm staying, if it's relevant.

I am also on a super limited diet right now to try to eliminate food triggers. I'm going to bring a bunch of snacks but could use advice for communicating my needs (e.g. requesting specific things that are not on the menu). I'm thinking I will mostly try to eat room service.

(Yes, I'm working with medical professionals and have meds and am trying a bunch of things to reduce the migraine frequency, but the reality is that I'm still going to be pretty sensitive to triggers while I'm there.)
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