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Post date: 2023-01-24 17:36:25
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One week in Scotland in early May - advice on proposed itinerary and activity and food suggestions?

Family of 3 American adults doing a one week visit to Scotland* ( Flying into and out of Edinburgh.) I've now read the previous asks and have taken copious notes. I would love any tips you have anyhow on places to see things to do (see below) but am also trying to get a read on my overall itinerary (see further below).

- The impetus for the trip involves a visit to my father's childhood home in the Borders (Kelso). Will also visit a relative in that region. So the Borders is a day I think.
- I'm not feeling super ambitious. I value depth over breadth when exploring a new place. Prefer a ramble to a scramble, and there's a range in mobility in our group.
- But I do love outdoors and so building in some walking/hiking/biking adventures for me is good.
- Looking for delicious food (a couple pescatarians in the group but a meat eater too). Would love to hear your personal favorite places in Edinburgh or elsewhere.
- Specific lodging suggestions welcome. IN the US we tend to do VRBO. Open to B&Bs and would enjoy. We are queer and not very anxious about homophobia but that can be a reality sooo, just putting that out there.
- We enjoy art, music, cultural stuff.
- We would enjoy seeing a range of historic sites including standing stones, castles, religious, or more modern political and social movement history.

So here's my idea with hopes of not feeling rushed but getting to see a few things - what do you think/what would you suggest re this general idea for an itinerary:
Spend a few days in Edinburgh, maybe rent a car and drive to the Borders for a day trip.
Then keep the car OR take train to Glasgow for.. a couple days?
Ferry to Arran (is this more of a day-trip thing and return to Glasgow for the night? Or spend a night on Arran and ramble around some more there the next day?)
Then up to Oban - maybe use that as a base for a night and ramble around to nearby castles and lochs
I'm tempted to go further North and make our way to the outer Hebrides but that sounds like more of a big project - don't have a sense of how long I would budget to make that work but very intrigued by the layers of history on Lewis, and my wife loves not sure
Then back to Edinburgh.

I have started a list of more specific places to go that includes various museums, theaters etc but welcome suggestions if you have favorite spots.

Suggestions ideas thoughts? Thank you!!

*After Scotland, my wife and I are continuing on to Barcelona - thanks for your previous advice! but this question is just about Scotland.
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