Vietnam Trip: Would you recommend a tour group?

Post date: 2022-11-27 23:27:54
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I've booked flights for a 3 week solo trip to Vietnam, and I'm in doubt on whether I should travel 10 days with an Intrepid tour group or not. I'd love to get insights from independent humans who've tried a tour group, or traveled solo through Vietnam.

Some considerations for me:
+ I'm solo, but I don't like being alone. When I travel with friends, I really like their take on places we visit and things we see; and they make my experience a lot better.
- On the other hand, I dislike small talk, and am selective about my friends, and love to get to know people better. I'm afraid that I won't have anybody to connect with, or that I'll be surrounded by couples, or people that don't share my interests, or are decades younger (I'm 40)
+ I think when in Vietnam, I'd be spending a fair amount of time figuring out travel, places to stay etc, and not getting scammed, which would be organized by a tour company
+ And it would also mean I'd spend less time organizing the trip itself, since there's a set itinerary
- Then again, I am fully capable of organizing these things myself. And I like having a say about things I do.
+ When I meet locals (like AirBnB hosts) or guides, I like being able to et a deeper understanding of a place by talking with them.
- Tours are more expensive
0 I might be able to find likeminded people when traveling solo, or doing shorter courses or trips during a stay.

I'd love to hear your thoughts or experiences

(Btw I've traveled through Japan by myself, but have not been to Asia other than that, or traveled solo; but mostly because I have traveled with friends or a partner before)
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