Can I depart Cyprus from the North after arriving in the South?

Post date: 2022-11-28 03:36:21
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I am a remote nomad U.S. citizen spending a month in Cyprus. Last week I arrived at Paphos Airport in the Republic of Cyprus (the southern part of the island), and my accommodation is in the South. My next destination will be Türkiye. It is significantly less expensive to travel to Türkiye from Northern Cyprus than from the South. Consequently, at the end of my month here I am considering departing to Istanbul from Nicosia Airport in Northern Cyprus after crossing into the North through the Green Line (the border between North and South). Is this a bad idea?

I know that the Republic of Cyprus officially views all arrivals and departures from Northern Cyprus (which it views as occupied territory) as illegal, despite daily international flights from the international airport in the North. But the situation in Cyprus is such a unique one that I'm not sure what is tolerated or truly prohibited in practice. Will the Republic of Cyprus have a record of my departure from the Republic when I cross the Green Line from the South and they scan my passport, or will their system record that I never departed from the island, showing me as having indefinitely overstayed my 90-day visa? Can I get a passport stamp showing that I departed the Republic of Cyprus when I walk north across the Green Line? If I leave from the North, will I encounter problems entering EU territory again? Will I be able to visit Cyprus again?

If there's any chance of these issues happening to me, I suppose I will pay the extra $150 or so and just depart from the South. But I know that the two territories have relaxed their policies on cross-border travel in the last 20 years, and I hope that any kind and knowledgeable folks on here with experience regarding how to maneuver around Cyprus could provide some guidance to me as to whether such a departure from this island would be tolerated by the EU/Republic of Cyprus.
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