Friend fell prey to a CVS scam. Now what?

Post date: 2022-09-27 10:10:41
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Age old story, my friend clicked on and filled out a "CVS survey" before realizing it was a scam. What can she do to protect herself from the aftermath?

My friend was reading her email while in a pre-caffeine state and came across an email linking to a CVS survey. She filled out the survey and paid the shipping for her "prize" before realizing she had been scammed. (Link is to the Snopes site about the scam, not the scam site itself) She immediately closed the card and put in a request to reverse the charges, and she ran Malwarebytes on her (LG) phone (no issues, fortunately). Is there anything else she needs to do? (They didn't ask her for her birthdate or SSN, but they did ask about her age group).
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